Can EUR/USD break 1.35?

Posting a new high of 1.3495 today, the EuroDollar faces stiff resistance at the 1.3495/1.35 level. Across the 1.35, we can see the level 1.3540 and 1.3590 to be cleared.


Possible long entry for target 1.3540/1.3590 will be at 1.3265 and perhaps even 1.3120, based on the fibo level. Those would be a good place to look for bear weakness.

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The Zen of Trading Forex

Is it a science or is it an art? One may think trading is as easy as picking the tops and bottoms but in reality, it is not so simple. It takes patience, an iron will and courage to enter a trade.

As a trader matures in his trading experience and skills in a particular currency pair, he will no doubt develops his own trading strategy and tools to help him trade.

Personally for me, I come to rely on the hourly chart. My routine includes
1) taking a snapshot of the euro open based on an hourly chart with ichimoku indicator to tell me the general bias of the day.

2) Based on the chart, plan my entry or exit based on a certain criteria.

3) Keep a calm mind and follow through the trading plan.


Based on today’s chart, what do you think the trend bias will be today?

See how my real trading portfolio is doing!

** Forex is a risky. You may lose all of your capital and even more if you are not cautious and skilled. Forex trading is not for everyone. This portfolio and article is for educational purpose only.

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Methods To Make Loads Of Dollars

When most people have some money left over at the end of the month, they simply put it into their savings or checking account. Putting you cash in an account like this is a good thing to do. It’s safe, and you get a little bit of interest, which means your money will be growing over time. However, there are some other ways to invest your money that can make a far higher rate of return. In this article, you’ll learn about some of them.

What most people think of when they consider alternative investing strategies is the stock market. Investing in the stock market can be incredibly lucrative, as many stocks more than double every year. The market has been around for a long time, and has made plenty of people really rich.

Buying the right stock at the right time can really increase your wealth in a hurry. If you hang on for the duration, you could double or even triple your money. However, if you buy the wrong stock at the wrong time, your money could disappear faster than a pizza at an all you can eat buffet.

If doubling your money isn’t enough, you can try the commodity futures market. This is where you bet on the future value of basic commodities such as corn, oil and cotton. The reason these are so incredible lucrative is because you can use margin to get incredible leverage. Sometimes, a ten percent move in price can double your money. This can be really fantastic when it happens.

Naturally, you can lose money just as fast. When the price of cotton drops five percent, you could lose everything. And it doesn’t take much for the price of cotton to drop five percent.

Currencies are traded the same with, with the same leverage. Instead of buying cotton, you invest in one currency relative to another. Dollars versus Yen or Yen versus Euros, for example.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to invest your money. If risky investments aren’t for you, then you should leave it in an interest bearing account, where the growth is slow, safe, and steady.

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Tactics To Make Investments Your Money

Having a few dollars left over at the end of every month is a good thing. That means instead of going into debt, you can invest your money, so you can make more money. There are plenty of ways of doing this, ranging from extremely conservative, to incredibly risky. In this article you’ll learn what some of them are, so you can have some more options.

Years ago, before banks became socially acceptable, people would hide their cash in their homes. In many places in the world, where banks haven’t yet become trusted, people still do this. While this may be a safe way to save money, you will certainly lose out to inflation over time.

A better alternative would be to put it in a bank. Here you’ll get a small return on your money, and it will as safe as possible. Generally speaking, the interest rates you get in a bank may be a little lower than inflation, but it’s better than burying the money in your back yard.

One way people like to invest is in precious metals. These tend to hold their value well over time, and sometimes even outpace inflation, as gold and silver have done in recent years. You can either buy the actual metal itself, and keep it in a safe deposit box, or you can buy certificates.

If you’ve ever watched late night TV, then you know that investing in real estate is also a possibility. This usually involves buying property that you believe to be undervalued, and then selling it after you increase it’s value somehow. This can be lucrative, but it also can be time consuming and risky.

If you want a sure way to create wealth over time, consider buying a whole life insurance policy. This is where you commit to paying a certain premium every month. At the end of the term, you’ll have quite a lot of cash value built up. This can be a nice safe way to build a good nest egg.

Whatever you do with your money, it’s important that you put it to work for you. That way you’ll have something nice waiting for you when you retire.

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Retirement Planning Ensures A Comfortable Life

Every human being has to grow old someday and this fact would remain inevitable. This cannot be changed. The thing that can be changed is how we plan this important transition in life. With the help of various retirement planning schemes, one can ensure that the quality of life is maintained even in the old age. This is important as earnings become limited.

Plans which offer remunerations after finishing the job have several advantages. These also have significant tax advantages, which are very useful for the retirees. One of the major advantages is that the money available after completion of the job is allowed to grow through investing.

In case a person opts for an early retirement from a particular job, then it is clear that the monetary support that would be provided would be slightly less than the normal amount. This is due to the fact that they would be given the total amount over a longer period of time, hence the installments would be smaller.

This retirement planning pension schemes are generally divided into two broad categories. The two categories are namely Defined Benefits and Defined Contribution. Normally, the traditional benefit plans elaborate on the advantages they provide to an employee, along with the different associated benefits. Defined benefit pensions are normally less movable when compared to other plans.

Pension is kind of a legal pact or binding that makes sure that an individual gets a certain amount every month even after they have retired from their jobs. A variety of agencies offer different pension schemes to the general public. The most renowned agencies are mostly government bodies, insurance companies or some specific trade unions. An individual benefited from such schemes is technically referred to as a pensioner or a retiree.

A new hybrid range of plans have also been introduced by a lot of companies. As the name suggests, they are a combination of the two main types of pension schemes. They try to combine the best feature of both the plans, which make them more sellable.

It is often suggested that the planning for such schemes begins at an earlier stage to ensure proper benefits in the future. Young employees then get sufficient time to organize their priorities for the old age and then save accordingly. The plans are flexible enough for the individual to choose a particular fixed installment, which can be varied as per the suitability.

There are certain non qualified schemes, which do not match the rules for favorable tax treatment. Qualified plans get a favorable tax treatment. Amounts allowed to grow depend on different types of schemes. Many restrictions are on contributions especially with the defined schemes, which are intended to make sure that the highly remunerated workers do not gain too much tax advantage.

Retirement planning is definitely a boon for the elderly, as they provide them financial security in old age. In addition, it provides them the opportunity to live their lifestyle, without depending on anybody for their living.

Retirement planning helps seniors to continue living the lifestyle of choice. Get inside information on the benefits of retirement planning now in our overview of everything you need to know about SMSF and self managed superannuation

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Living In A Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are uniquely designed houses that are fitted with the latest technology gadgets and amenities that make living in them easy and enjoyable compared to other houses. They are built in unique and beautiful places and landscapes and are specifically designed to suit the dreams of every home owner.

Though expensive, they come with their own added advantages. That is why many people look forward to owning them. Some of these advantages are that most of these houses are automated. Many of their systems are automatic. This means that they are programmed to do what they are meant to do and do it without human assistance or supervision.

These homes usually have many features. The most evident one is the luxury amenities. Some of them include swimming pools. Many of these houses usually have swimming pools in their compounds where one can relax and exercise after work. They are usually designed in unique sophisticated ways and are big in size.

Spas and saunas are also other amenities that cannot be assumed. They offer relaxation to the home owners making their stay very enjoyable. The house also has a home gym which is normally fully equipped and therefore saves on the time they would use to go to a public gym.

The maintenance system is also automated and detects when there is a malfunction in any of the other systems so that they can be repaired. The blinds and curtains can also be drawn and lowered without one having to touch them. These systems are advantageous in that they are efficient and save on electricity and water since they are designed to operate only when needed so cases of wastage of resources are very rare.

The owners normally buy these houses on the locations they enjoy best. For example if one likes privacy and serene life then they buy the ones situated in sparsely populated upcountry locations. Here one can lead their private life away from the nuisance of crowded towns and also enjoy the attention since such a house is easily noticed when in such a place.

Some choose to have the houses near the beach. Here one can easily enjoy the wonders of the sea. Most of the people who own these houses are retirees who are looking forward to enjoying their retirement years as a reward for the hard work they did when they were working.

Finally they are built using unique designs that appeal to the eye. Everything is exquisite and beautiful and gives the house a good atmosphere that appeals to everyone living in the house. So that is why people prefer luxury homes to middle class ones.

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Surprising How Air Conditioning Has Come A Long Way Since Its Beginning

The value of comfort is much higher than it was years ago. There are some measures of comfort that people refuse to go without today. Air conditioning is one of those things that people see as a need, rather than a want. Years ago when it was a thing of luxury reserved for the very wealthy, few people could have seen these changes coming.

Believe it or not there is also a health aspect to this issue. Individuals with allergy or sinus issues often have high quality or heavy duty systems installed. They make use of the sophisticated air filters on them, and also keep their windows closed all year around.

These are used now widely in many different regions, not just the scorching hot ones. People have become accustomed to going directly from having their furnace running, to having the cooling system running. Of course this is not wise to do everywhere, unless extreme temperatures are involved. The result is not only a cooler home to relax in, it is also higher utility bills.

There are ways to try and limit the amount of energy is used by these units. Keeping up with the routine maintenance on it is the best way to do this. Have it clean and serviced at the beginning of the summer prior to turning it on. Making sure that it will be running as well as possible will help to keep the utility bills down.

Of course there is more available than just large central cooling systems for homes. There are also window units that are smaller and meant to cool only one or two rooms at a time. In a smaller space they can be quite effective in maintaining a constant temperate. For people with smaller homes these would be just as good as a larger unit, but less costly.

Businesses have a separate set of concerns with respect to this issue. They are not just concerned about comfort and the cost involved, they are also concerned with how it can affect their revenue. In the middle of summer, a business with good central air can expect quite a boost in profits Places of business without it can almost surely expect the opposite. This is because people without cooling at home will flock out to public places, like malls or eateries, in order to escape the heat.

Of course this area of industry does not just provide cooling for many people, it also employs thousands of people Those that work in this area enjoy steady employment and a fair amount of job security. Since the use of cooling systems has become very popular, and again looked upon as more of a necessity, then the service technicians and installers rarely run out of work. There may be an occasional slow down in between the heating and cooling seasons, but layoffs or business closures are generally not seen.

Years ago air conditioning Toronto was something that was only found in wealthy homes. Today it is found in most homes, and the vast majority of businesses. The thousands that the industry employs are more than happy to see how the times have changed.

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Use Forex Assist and Opposition Effectively When Trading

The time period support and resistance areas stay valid will vary greatly. They can be very short, or even last for decades. The longer a support or resistance area stays valid, the more significant it becomes. A breakout of a year-long resistance area is much more important, than a breakout of a week-long resistance area.

Another thing to think about is that once a stock moves on to the next RL or SL, the previous 1 becomes the opposite. For instance, if a stock cracks past a $50 RL and moves up to $55, then the $50 level becomes an SL for the stock. By the exact same token, if a stock drops down below the $50 SL to $45, then the $50 level becomes its RL. There’s a lot more to support and resistance levels, but this should be enough to get readers hooked on this really interesting topic.

A great example is high grade copper. Copper was in a trading range that lasted over 35 years. In 2005, copper finally broke through this decades long resistance level. Because of the enormous significance of this breakout, the price of copper shot up like a rocket ship. The very best traders make an astonishing fortune.

You see, facilitate and resistance ranges are there to provide a web theme to the marketplace – something that you can lay over the marketplace’s movements and generate feeling of all its ups and downs. But the correct way to commerce is to delay for selling price to hit the apparent support and resistance amounts prior to trading.

Support and resistance areas can be found almost anytime, and on any chart. They make up the basic components that ultimately turn into sophisticated chart patterns. These patterns are what analysts use to predict price movements. As always, the key to proficiency, is to put as many factors as possible in your favor, before taking a position in the market. You always want the odds in your favor, on each and every trade you make. If you do this, and also implement solid money management, you are well on your way to a possible fortune.

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How you can monkey-proof your apartments and real estate in Rio de Janeiro

As soon as you started exploring apartments and real estate in Rio de Janeiro you almost certainly had several things in mind. First and foremost was likely the attractive beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Sipping chilled drinks from you penthouse holiday. Secondly, if you are savvy, you might have thought of the tourist attractions. Christ the Redeemer, the sugar loaf and most undoubtedly the crazy nights on the town in Lapa. This was most likely what you were thinking once you started to cruise for sale ads in search of a permanent dwelling in Brazil. But there was likely something you didn’t anticipate. Monkeys.

Yes, I said monkeys. What you think about while you think monkeys? Certainly it suits the best tropical environment. So you’ve probably got it in your mind, “oh wow, how exotic that must be.” I can have my own little monkey! It will be great! I will be the envy of all friends and neighbors back home. Maybe I can even catch some and put them up for sale.

Well slow down there buckaroo. Before you decide to invite monkeys into your apartments and wish for the little rascals to be running all over your real estate, I’ve got news for you. The first bit is now being that inviting a monkey into your penthouse in Copacabana or Ipanema is best when compared to inviting a vampire into the house. Oh sure, they are charming little creatures and you will easily be enticed by their exotic features. However, you may invariably be rendered powerless and your lovely little piece of real estate will soon be overrun.

You see, monkeys are the raccoons of Rio de Janeiro. They are clever, cunning little creatures. Once they discover a way into your apartments and they know that there are good things to be had, well they’ll strategically discover other ways to go in. This can be guaranteed. Before long you may be forced to put your vacation home for sale. Evicted due to monkeys.

So be warned, secure your doors, close your windows and keep your bananas covered. Those little monkeys are the scavengers of Rio de Janeiro and nothing will stand in the way of what they want. You can take a brief trip to the beach or the store. It’s not even essential to travel far. When you return, rest assured that your furry little friends will have made themselves more comfortable. This is a forgone conclusion. So you can’t say that I didn’t tell you.

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